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The Yoga-Sžtra Of Pata–jali

A New Translation With Commentary


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In the interest of offering a print version of the Yoga-Sžtra that is accessible, precise, and not overwhelmed by scholarly material, all textual and translation materials have been made available below. The Yoga-Sžtra can be downloaded, viewed, and printed in its entirety as a PDF file. The text is offered in several formats: Sanskrit in devan‰gar” script; Sanskrit in transliterated roman lettering with diacritical marks; word-by-word Sanskrit-English translation; and a Sanskrit-English glossary containing every word that appears in the original text, as well as a bibliography listing many of the translations and commentaries that were consulted in the preparation of this new version. A separate file features the Sanskrit alphabet, along with a pronunciation guide. Links have also been provided to some of the numerous Sanskrit resources available on the World Wide Web. Two of the resources provided on this page are PDF (Portable Document Format) files. To open, navigate, or print PDF files you will need a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download via the link below.

This online addendum is meant to facilitate the process of study and absorption, making it possible to read the lines in English exactly as they flow together in the original text, with selective interjections of commentary, and at the same time to follow alongside with the Sanskrit text. In this way, the reader might come more fully to appreciate the extraordinary richness of Pata–jaliÕs language and the subtlety of his approach.

Although the book and its related offerings are meant to help the reader follow the path of realization to its end, one must acknowledge that it is as difficult to do so alone from a book today as it was then. It is hoped that this work will clarify both the possibilities and the limitations of the Yoga-Sžtra, indeed, of all words, to bring about wisdom and the end of suffering. It will only have succeeded in this to the extent that it inspires the reader to action, and to stillness.

Read Chip Hartranft's article, Hatha Raja: Yoga's Path To Liberation in the July, 2008 issue of the Shambhala Sun exploring the Yoga-Sžtra and its relationship to both hatha yoga and Buddhist meditation. Download article (PDF)

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An Interview With
Read Chip Hartranft's 2003 interview with Canadian psychotherapist, yoga teacher and author Michael Stone examining the key teachings of Pata–jali's Yoga-Sžtra in light of yoga practice and Buddhist meditation.

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