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Dharma Film Series presents MANAKAMANA
Saturday, October 1, 7pm
What would it be like to see the world as if through a divine, equanimous eye - in this case, perhaps an avatar of the goddess Parvati? Manakamana is shot entirely inside a small Nepalese cable car that transports tourists and locals - not all of them human - over sparsely populated Himalayan foothills to an ancient, lofty Hindu temple. We go along for 11 trips, each a single unedited take, observing the unself-conscious passengers continually transform in ways both subtle and striking. Even though little seems to happen - we are certainly not being 'entertained' - each transit is a fresh opportunity to quietly abide, acquiring something of the camera's unblinking tranquility as the magic of the everyday reveals itself. Confined though the film's setting may seem at first, Manakamana's rigor and simplicity convey us directly into the heart of a world whose pace and outlook are vastly different than our own, and open out onto a universe of interdependence. Presented with the Institute For Meditation & Psychotherapy. $10 at the door, with free refreshments and post-film discussion; $35/3 CEUs for mental health professionals

AFRICAN HEALING DANCE: A Training with Wyoma
Sunday, October 2 & 16, 6:45-9:45pm
What are daily practices that sustain us? Wyoma created the African Healing Dance mastery program to answer that question. This bi-monthly program offers African dance and Improvisation. Included also are practices of meditation, imagery, yoga, massage, and nutrition arts, integrated. The curriculum focuses on Traditional African and Caribbean dance, Ashe Namaste (yoga dance), singing, meditation, and the mystery of the divine feminine. You will both write and dance the abundance of your story. Each 3-month period focuses on a different theme. Sessions feature live or recorded music. The Training offers both a 1-year program and a 2-year certificate track. Participants may attend individual 3-month modules or 7-day intensives. Three 3-month modules are offered each year on 1st & 3rd sundays of the month, Jan-Mar, May-Jul, & Sep-Nov. The 7-day Intensive runs Sun-Sat. 4 hrs/day. 3-month session/$595, 7-day Intensive/$595, 1 year/$1450, 2 years/$2450 - no prior dance experience needed. For registration please contact wyoma@wyomadance.com

Special Dance Event!
5 RHYTHMS: An Ecstatic Moving Meditation
with Margaux Skalecki
Friday, October 7, 7:30-9:30pm
The 5 Rhythms offer an invitation to come as you are ~ no dance experience needed, just your curiosity as a first step to awareness through movement and deeper conscious connection to ourselves and others. We dance as a welcoming back into our bodies by an expressive and connective body warm up, fine tuning our truth in the moment. How do I feel? How is my body doing? What a bringing to my dance? Where do I fit in when I connect with another? Can I give myself permission to honor my whole Being? Where are my feet? Can I witness another person? We follow our feet and breathe. Here, I am my ecstatic self. The 5 Rhythms is an ecstatic and meditative practice of WAVES of vibration and movement. The WAVES Flowing: Find your feet and the earth ~ Staccato: Find your hips, your heartbeat and your fire ~ Chaos: Find the letting go and releasing your head to uncover truths, spontaneous freedom ~ Lyrical: Find your playfulness repetitions, your soul, your wings, your lightness of being ~ Stillness: Find it all The 5 Rhythms honors the sacredness of the dance floor and the sacredness of all Beings. $15 at the door. Please wear comfortable clothes to dance in ~ layers are great for heating up and cooling down ~ wear soft soled shoes, socks or move in bare feet

with Karen Barbarisi and Keith Herndon
Saturday, October 8, 2-4pm
Join Karen Barbarisi and Keith Herndon for an in-depth experience of Restorative Yoga - a therapeutic system that uses the comfortable support of cushions & blankets to nurture the body in various gentle, long held resting postures. Restorative Yoga allows the nervous system to completely quiet and return to a balanced state, quieting the mind. At the same time the body gently stretches and opens, releasing even chronic patterns of tension. And, as attention focuses on each breath, Restorative Yoga also cultivates the qualities of mindfulness and presence. The afternoon will unfold with a brief sequence of flowing Kripalu yoga to warm up and prepare the body, then plunge into profound spheres of tranquility and ease. $35 or class card x 2 + $5 at the door; $28 if registered by October 5 via email with Karen or Keith
Karen Barbarisi and Keith Herndon have been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and are both certified at the 500 hour level by the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Live Improv! An Evening With TRUE STORY THEATER
Saturday, October 8, 7:30-9:30pm
True Story Theater, an Arlington-based improvisational theater company, wants to hear about your life. This troupe of skilled listeners will honor each story through the power of improvisatory drama, music, and movement. The stories you share will magically be brought to life as we explore this important common theme. Come celebrate our community, bring a friend, share a special story, or just watch, listen and enjoy! $15 if preregistered online, $20 or class card at door ~ need help? $5+ pay what you can
Tonight: Stories of hope and fear in an election year What are our strongest feelings about the November elections and what comes out of it? How do we feel about the state of our country and our role in it? How do we talk with people in our lives who have very different political views from our own?

DHARMA TALK & MEDITATION with Lama Tsering Ngodup
Sunday, October 9, 10-12n
You’re invited to receive Buddhist teachings (dharma), practice meditation, and experience the relevance and benefits of Buddhist philosophy and meditation in daily life. People of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs are welcome to this freely offered biweekly event ~ donations gratefully accepted 
Tsering Ngodup is a lama, or spiritual teacher, authorized to teach by HH ShaMar Rinpoche. He has devoted over twenty years to sharing the religious and spiritual teachings of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. He has traveled across the world, translating and interpreting Buddhist teachings for highly accomplished Tibetan lamas and masters from all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He is currently a chaplain at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Brookline

Sunday, October 9, 7-9pm
Shamanic journeying is a tool that has been traditionally used by indigenous shamans for the healing of individuals and communities. Most commonly, shamans use drums and rattles to shift their consciousness into non-ordinary reality, a trance-like state, to communicate with their helping guides and spirits. We know now that anyone can learn to journey, to connect with their own helping guides and spirits in non-ordinary reality in order to get answers to personal questions, solve problems, open creativity, see new ways of being in the world and obtain healing information for themselves and their community. Join Comma Williams for this journey circle where we will travel into non-ordinary reality and ask for information to help us get clarity about our path for this coming year. At the end of the journey you will have an opportunity to create a visual representation of your journey, to help ground it in ordinary reality, to make it visible in this world. $15 or class card

Conversations At The Edge

Monday, October 10, 7:45-9:45pm
This monthly continuing education (CE) program presented by the Institute For Meditation & Psychotherapy is for psychotherapists interested in Buddhist psychology, meditation, or mindfulness. Each lecture will address theoretical and clinical issues at the interface of these rich healing traditions, with topics ranging from addictions to forgiveness to countertransference. These community evenings offer an opportunity to gather with colleagues in an informal setting to explore the intersection between Buddhist psychology and modern psychotherapy. This year’s presenters are long- term meditators with significant expertise in practice and in teaching. Each presentation will be followed by Q&A and discussion, moderated by Christopher Willard, PsyD. 2 CE’s are offered each evening to psychologists, social workers, nurses, LMFTs and LMHCs. $25/members of IMP, $30/non-members, $10/mental health students with ID. 9-month series $175/members, $225/non-members ~ no refunds > missed sessions
Tonight: Cultivating the Inner Holding Environment in Meditation with Bill Morgan, PsyD
Why We Don’t Practice Meditation Regularly: Addressing the Elephant in the Meditation Room 
Do you feel that your meditation practice could be more alive, more dynamic? Are you having trouble beginning? Do you feel a sense of frustration or ineffectiveness when you sit, or you’re not sure how to integrate it into your daily life? Maybe you’re beating yourself up for the method or frequency of your practice? Maybe you once believed in a 'hero’s journey' of practice but now feel disenchanted? Welcome to the club; you are part of the silent majority of practitioners. This workshop will address common but seldom examined obstacles to practice, and offer serving suggestions for enlivening meditation

KIRTAN with Shubalananda plus special guests
Saturday, October 15, 7:30pm
Created by ancient Indian rishis from Vedic mantras, kirtan is a yoga of sound - an evening of beautiful music and heartfelt call-and-response singing. No previous experience is necessary to experience its emotional depth, yet powerful as it is, kirtan is effortless and incredibly enjoyable. Freely offered ~ please make a donation!
Shubalananda (Larry Kopp) has been leading kirtan for many years, having studied with Neem Karoli Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Karunamayi and Shree Maa. His guitar & harmonium playing and voice of experience gives his kirtan a power and a heartfulness that is shared with all who join in. Find out more at www.shubalananda.com

For Health, Stress Reduction, and Meditation
with Steven Cardoza
Saturday, October 22, 1-5pm
Breathing is fundamental to life, and breathing well is the cornerstone to superior health. Many Chinese doctors and qigong masters assert that it is the single most important aspect of self care. In this four hour workshop, you’ll learn how to reclaim your natural breath, breathing as you did when you were born. This improves the functioning of all your internal organs for greater health, less illness and more energy. It discharges held tension from your nervous system to promote relaxation, deeper sleep, and a clear, peaceful mind. While amplifying the benefits of any qigong, taiji, or yoga practice you may already have, Daoist Natural Breathing also serves as an entry point to Daoist and other meditation practices. You’ll learn a simple meditation based on Daoist breathing that you can practice every day. $100; $90 if payment received by October 19
Steven Cardoza, MSc, LAc is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and taiji and qigong instructor with over 30 years of experience. He is the author of the book Chinese Healing Exercises and its companion DVD. His newest book, Chinese Medicine In your Daily Life, is due in November

with Lesley Hoey
Saturday, October 22, 2-4pm
The pelvic floor is an intimate area of the body yet it's function and health is often mysterious to many of us. This workshop will introduce what healthy pelvic floor function is as well as how yoga can help improve or maintain pelvic floor health and function in daily life. Come with questions dressed to move and stretch. It will be interactive, educational and experiential. $45 at the door
Lesley Hoey, DPT, CYT is a doctor of physical therapy and a certified yoga teacher. She lives in Maine and works in one of the only physical therapy clinics in New England specializing in pelvic floor rehabilitation. She regularly adapts and integrates yoga into her clinical practice to teach those who haven't done yoga how to use it to improve their pelvic health and function. Questions? Email Lesley

Samhain ~ Honor The Ancestors!
SACRED DRUM, CHANT & DANCE with the Mother Drum* led by
Laney Goodman, Dave Estes, Kathleen Rouleau,
Leah Emerson & Tribe
Saturday, October 22, 7:30-10:30pm ~ doors open 7pm
Come celebrate the Samhain harvest and honor our Ancestors with Sacred Drum,Chant and Dance with the Mother Drum in the four directions using Native American, Goddess and Celtic teachings. Do something a little different this Halloween and celebrate the true meaning of the season as we rejoice in the Harvest and gather to remember and honor our Ancestors, who came before us and paved our way. Please bring all kinds of drums and rhythm instruments and join your tribe as we celebrate the sacred circle of life during the time leading up to this powerful cross quarter gateway. Please bring a snack to share with the Tribe ~ thank you. If you wish, come and remember your ancestors with a photo to put on our Remembrance Altar (be sure and take this personal article home with you at the end of the night). $20 or class card for adults, $5 per child (ages 10+). For more information, email Laney at womenonair@aol.com or visit sacredwavesofrhythm.com

DHARMA TALK & MEDITATION with Lama Tsering Ngodup
Sunday, October 23, 10-12n
You’re invited to receive Buddhist teachings (dharma), practice meditation, and experience the relevance and benefits of Buddhist philosophy and meditation in daily life. People of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs are welcome to this freely offered biweekly event ~ donations gratefully accepted 
Tsering Ngodup is a lama, or spiritual teacher, authorized to teach by HH ShaMar Rinpoche. He has devoted over twenty years to sharing the religious and spiritual teachings of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. He has traveled across the world, translating and interpreting Buddhist teachings for highly accomplished Tibetan lamas and masters from all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He is currently a chaplain at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Brookline

Happiness as a Mindful Practice with Joan Klagsbrun
Sunday, October 23, 10-4:30
We are a problem-oriented culture, one that pays a great deal of attention to what is wrong in our lives.  We spend far less time paying attention to all the positives– the experiences in which we feel most alive, the places where we have been resilient in the face of adversity, the times when we feel joy. And we pay a price for gravitating towards the negative. Positive Psychology is not about putting a happy face that covers over our important life struggles. It is about amplifying our authentic well-being.   It is an evidenced-based approach for increasing our capacity for flourishing, and for fully appreciating our lives. By placing attention on positive experiences and feelings (such as gratitude and enjoyment), we can actually think more effectively and expansively. And people who have a higher ratio of “positivity” to “negativity” have more energy and better health. In this workshop, we will explore how Focusing (a process which you will be taught) can be used to enhance and deepen your “positivity.” In the workshop, we will personally reflect on five different pathways to wellbeing, and  we will conclude by discovering and working with our signature strength. $75 at the door ~ approved for 6 CEUs for social workers and LMHCs
Joan Klagsbrun, PhD, a longtime Focusing Coordinator and psychologist in private practice, has been teaching Focusing internationally for 3 decades. She is also an adjunct professor at Lesley University and trains therapists in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy. She writes and teaches on the convergence of spirituality, health, positive psychology and Focusing

Special Event! PSYCHODRAMA Open Session with Maria Mellano
Friday, October 28, 7:30pm
Join us for an evening of community building, personal growth and healing while learning about Psychodrama! Open sessions are psychodrama demonstrations offered under the direction of a qualified Psychodramatist to the public. Participate as little or as much as you want! All are welcome - both lay and professional - who are either interested in being part of experiential work for personal growth, want to learn about action techniques that could be used in individual and group psychotherapy, professional coaching and counseling, and/or who are considering joining an ongoing therapy or training group. For details, email Maria Mellano or call 857 284 7237. Sponsored by the NE Chapter of the American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama. $10 at the door

The Power of POSITIVE SUGGESTION** with Jean Fain
Saturday, October 29, 2-4pm
You think about changing for the better, but you don't really believe you can. If only someone would give your unconscious mind a positive suggestion, then maybe change would come more easily. Actually, someone can and that someone is you. Positive suggestions have the power to change how you think, feel and behave, and, believe it or not, it's easier than you think to give yourself suggestions and start making the very change you've been wanting to make. In this 2hr workshop, see for yourself what a difference positive suggestions make, then learn how to give yourself personalized suggestions for improving your health and well-being, boosting self-confidence, advancing your career… whatever's most important. $25 ~ preregistration required
Jean Fain, MSW, LICSW is a Harvard Medical School-affiliated psychotherapist, a certified hypnotherapist and the author of The Self-Compassion Diet. In addition to seeing individual clients and providing consultations, she runs groups and workshops at her Concord private practice. She also writes about food and body-image issues for newspapers from the Boston Globe to the LA Times; magazines including O: The Oprah Magazine, Shape, Self; and online at NPR, WBUR, and Huffington Post

SOUND HEALING CIRCLE with Brad Brockmann & Comma Williams
Sunday, October 30, 7-9pm ~ doors open 6:45, close 7:20
Join us on the last Sunday of the month to explore the transformative healing powers of sound. You will both co-create and receive sound healing, and learn how to improvise music with a healing intention. Bring your favorite instruments or just yourself, your voice and your love. Prior musical or healing experience is welcome but not required. We look forward to seeing you! Suggested donation $15-25