...with an exciting lineup of transformative classes, workshops, films and other events! Come to a class whenever you like - just check out this week's schedule (here's next week's, too). Then, drop in on a class anytime - preregistration recommended for workshops!

This Week - preregistration recommended* or required** for starred workshops
Special Event! PSYCHODRAMA Open Session with Maria Mellano
Friday, May 22, 7:30pm ~ Join us for an evening of community building, personal growth and healing while learning about Psychodrama! Open sessions are psychodrama demonstrations offered under the direction of a qualified Psychodramatist to the public. Participate as little or as much as you want - all are welcome! For details, email Maria Mellano or call 857 284 7237$10 at the door

Sunday Morning DHARMA TALK with Lama Tsering Ngodup
Sunday, May 24, 10-12n ~ You’re invited to receive Buddhist teachings (dharma), practice meditation, and experience the relevance and benefits of Buddhist philosophy and meditation in daily life. People of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs are welcome ~ donations gratefully accepted

Special Extended Class! RESTORATIVE YOGA with David Schouela
Sunday, May 24, 4-6:30pm ~ Join yoga & meditation teacher David Schouela for a special extended restorative yoga class. Restorative yoga allows the nervous system to quiet and return to a balanced state, quieting the mind. At the same time the body gently stretches and opens, releasing chronic patterns of tension. As attention focuses on each breath, Restorative Yoga also cultivates the qualities of mindfulness and presence. Read more in David's recent article. $25 or class card + $10

BREATHWORK: A Sacred Circle with Lisa Jones
Friday, May 29, 7:30-9:30pm ~ Use the transformative power of the breath to still the mind, clear the emotions, and deeply relax your body. This will help you create a more conscious connection to your spirit! This sacred circle includes full hour breathing session. $35 or class card x 2 + $5

A Weekend Training with Todd Norian
Saturday & Sunday, May 30-31
Saturday, 12-3pm ~
Embodying the Five Elements Through Yoga
Saturday, 4-7pm ~ Precise Alignment, Refinement Using the Five Elements
Sunday, 9:30a-12:30p ~ Your Core: Confidence, Inner Strength, and Power
Sunday, 2-5pm ~ Restorative Poses, Pranayama, Mantra, and Meditation

Single workshop $55; any two workshops $100; any three workshops $145; all four workshops $185. Online preregistration strongly recommended

SOUND HEALING CIRCLE with Brad Brockmann & Comma Williams
Sunday, May 31, 7-9pm ~ doors open 6:45, close 7:20
Join us on the last Sunday of the month to explore the transformative healing powers of sound. You will both co-create and receive sound healing, and learn how to improvise music with a healing intention. Bring your favorite instruments or just yourself, your voice and your love. Prior experience is welcome but not required. Suggested donation $10-20

WHO’S THE JUDGE? Transforming Your Inner Critic* ~ Stephanie Legatos
Wednesday, June 3, 7:30-10pm ~ We all have an inner critic – several in fact. Those voices that set high standards of performance that are next to impossible to attain, compare us to others and conclude we don’t measure up, keep and detailed records of failures and diminish our successes. We'll use a five step collage, journaling and dialogue process to cut through the inner chatter and beliefs that derail you and keep you stuck. As you journey through this illuminating and inspiring process you will create a new empowering inner voice to support self-empowerment, self-confidence and expanded success. $28 or class card x 2 ~ $25 if paid by 5/27

Open House ~ All Welcome!
THE YOGA OF ENERGY FLOW 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Sunday, June 7, 4-5:30pm - free! ~ Join us for an informal Q & A about the upcoming 200 hour Yoga Alliance-approved yoga teacher training programs starting in September at the Arlington Center. Free!


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