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Special Extended Class! RESTORATIVE YOGA with David Schouela
Sunday, November 30, 4-6:30pm ~ Join yoga & meditation teacher David Schouela for a special extended restorative yoga class. Restorative yoga allows the nervous system to quiet and return to a balanced state, quieting the mind. At the same time the body gently stretches and opens, releasing chronic patterns of tension. As attention focuses on each breath, mindfulness and presence arise spontaneously. $25 or class card + $10

Monday, December 1, 7:45-9:45pm ~ This monthly continuing education (CE) program presented by the Institute For Meditation & Psychotherapy is for psychotherapists interested in Buddhist psychology, meditation, or mindfulness. Each presentation will be followed by Q&A and discussion, moderated by Christopher Willard, PsyD. 2 CE’s are offered each evening to psychologists, social workers, nurses, LMFTs and LMHCs. $25/members of IMP, $30/non-members, $10/mental health students with ID
FOCUSING: The “Felt Sense” in Psychotherapy with Joan Klagsbrun

Dharma Film Series presents
Saturday, December 6, 7pm
The American Rimpoche ~ Is there such a one as an ‘American rimpoche’? No US subject is more entitled to that honorific (‘precious one’) than Kyabje Gelek. Born in 1939 to the aristocracy in Lhasa, Tibet, and soon recognized as a tulku, or incarnate lama, Gelek was tutored by many of the Dalai Lama’s teachers and attained the highest degree, geshe, while still a teen. When the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1959, however, he fled along with the Dalai Lama to India, where he eventually disrobed, migrating across the continents toward his eventual home in Ann Arbor with the Jewel Heart Foundation. The American Rimpoche documents Gelek’s extraordinary journey from the Tibet of his youth, a fabled land sheltered from modernity, to contemporary life in the West, with a visual feast of never-before-seen family photographs that evoke both a time forever lost and a hardy, flexible spiritual tradition
The Buddha's Forgotten Nuns ~ Is Buddhism a religious movement based on equality, or is it rooted in a male-dominated culture? The Buddha himself invited women to join his group of disciples as female monks – bhikkhunis – and allowed them to be ordained alongside men some 2500 years ago. What happened? The Buddha’s Forgotten Nuns reveals a little-known truth about the ancient Theravada order: women cannot be fully ordained like men. As with many women, director Wiriya Sati was raised Buddhist but encountered walls of sexism within Theravada when she tried to advance in her practice. Wiriya spent the next 5 years traveling the world to ask why women can’t ordain as bhikkunis in the Theravada tradition. She discovered new paths being forged for women in Australia, the US, and pockets around the world, and also met the men and women who are pulling down barriers and pushing for change in the monastic world. The Buddha’s Forgotten Nuns is an absorbing and deeply inspiring short film, alert to a growing consensus in the West but leaving us with the big question: will the bhikkhuni movement expand beyond a few independent-minded communities and gain momentum in still traditional male-oriented cultures? Presented with the Institute For Meditation & Psychotherapy. $10 at the door, with free refreshments and post-film discussion; $35/3 CEUs for mental health professionals

Sunday Morning DHARMA TALK & MEDITATION with Lama Tsering
Sunday, December 7, 10-12n ~ You’re invited to receive Buddhist teachings (dharma), practice meditation, and experience the relevance and benefits of Buddhist philosophy and meditation in daily life. Donations gratefully accepted

ECSTATIC HOLIDAY CHANT with Tom Lena & Shakti Rowan
Friday, December 12, 7:30-9:30pm ~ Please join us for this special evening of mantra and music as we come together to celebrate the holiday spirit in community. Kirtan, call-and-response chanting in Sanskrit, the ancient language of Yoga, gives us the opportunity both to detach from the thoughts and worries we carry around and to allow the joy of the heart to dance out loud. Donation only ~ $10-20 suggested


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